Summer Camp Poem

After our summer camp training weekend, we were sent a poem about the weekend from one of the volunteers.

Cullen Marshall is a first time volunteer and will be volunteering at the “Go eXtreme” camp at Coalbrookdale.

Here is his poem

“Two companions, seven hours, one KFC, and lil mix featuring Stormzy

Arriving at Edale, strait to the main room full of people

We came from all over in many vehicles

Robert aroused our excitement with twenty sixteens statistics

As the team explained the weekends logistics

Outdoor activities, friendly delivery

I see so much energy, opportunity, love and impact

Because let’s face it, that’s why we’re here!


Meeting greeting, making new friends

An early night in ma bunk bed follows a big breakfast

Yawns with grins, I didn’t have to wash up anything

Training while it’s raining,

All smiles no complaining, exploring our social fog

Some serious stuff too

Still silly sausages sizzle together nicely

As we soak up the juice of experience precisely

So, spritely we came together and formed this year’s volunteers


A powerful talk from Sarah, woops and cheers

Clink of the beers, maybe a few tears as we scaled inspiration and grew

Who knew me and you could fit in?

And what’s new is we’ve not even started really

So, here’s to us all, I hope you’ll gain

Feel the love and be loved

Because the world needs hero’s, you are mine, be the children’s

Young people we’ll cyas on camp


As for the YHA family, I give thanks

And hopefully

We can transform lives through travel adventure and discovery

From one soul to another

My sisters and brothers”

Thanks Cullen – can’t wait to hear what you think after camp!