DofE Gold at YHA Sheringham

Back in April, YHA Sheringham hosted a gold DofE residential week. Where a group of young adults came from all over the country and worked together on a project at the hostel.

Whilst they were here they took on the challenge of revamping the customer garden. This included weeding, removal of all over-grown bushes and plants and trimming hedges and bushes back. Their title for this project was ‘Making a Home for Nature’. When they were working they were paired with people they didn’t know so that they could bond and get to know new people.

They were also given a few questions to think about during their time with us. This allowed them to research the questions as a group. At the end of the week we reviewed everyone’s answers and reviewed how the week had gone.

The group was very hard working and determined. They always gave their all into everything they did.

During their time with us I had also asked them to come up with a poster for our fundraiser for Breaks for Kids. I gave them all some information about Breaks for Kids which in turn gave them some further ideas and help on how to design their poster. This was a poster for our manager Adrian Dyde who is running 1000 miles. We had the idea of sponsor a brick and “Break Through The Wall” was our slogan. The idea of it was that for every mile that Adrian ran there would be a brick as his aim was to raise £1000. So if you sponsored a brick you would write your name on it and you would put a £1 in the charity box.

As you can see from the before and after pictures below, the garden looks absolutely stunning.