First DofE Gold for Manorbier

YHA Manorbier ran their first D of E Gold volunteer break recently and it was extremely successful. Three young ladies attended and during the five days they managed to treat all our garden furniture with wood preservative, tidied up the paths around the hostel and helped with bed making during our busy Easter period. This was a big help to the hostel and the volunteers seemed to enjoy the experience.

Ollie and Snowy gave up their time to take them snorkelling one afternoon (and kindly lent them wet-suits and equipment) where they saw quite a few jellyfish and starfish and luckily had great underwater visibility. Their last evening was rounded off with a beach bonfire where Martin unwisely boasted about his one match fire lighting skills. It seems these skills are a little rusty, although he tried blaming damp wood. When the fire was finally lit with help from the young people, we did manage to have toasted marshmallows