Introducing YHA Young Champions

Base25 and Student Ambassadors were youth engagement programmes created three years ago, to keep young people at the heart of what YHA does.

Both programmes saw great success over these three years: three exclusive Base 25 events attended by over 60 young volunteers; 1,000 hours of youth volunteering; volunteers supporting at partner conferences and national initiatives such as Takeover Day.

As part of regular programme management, YHA Volunteering has taken the opportunity to review Base25 and Student Ambassadors. As part of this review, consultation internally and externally with volunteers and partners has taken place. As a result of the feedback we received, we’re excited to release a rebrand for the group…

Introducing YHA Young Volunteers

This new name for Base 25 will provide a programme title which is reflective of the experience being offered; all volunteers under the age of 26 will be signed up to YHA Young Volunteers. When a Young Volunteer wants to become more engaged with YHA, they can move on to…

YHA Young Champions

This group will encompass our Student Ambassadors and a handful of Base 25 members. This group will be our youth network: enthusiastic, engaged, and committed. They are truly brand and charity champions for the YHA.

YHA Young Champions will be meeting up regularly at hostels to volunteer, so keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot them!

Young Champions will also be trained up to run volunteer events like DofE Residentials. They’ll be involved in the planning of events like the YHA AGM and Takeover Day. They’ll have the chance to run their own volunteering and fundraising events. We’ll support them to get involved with fundraising.

Young Champions is a term that really means something, inside and outside of YHA. Many organisations have YCs, so they’ll be joining a group of people that affect real change to big organisations. It’s also a recognised term that can have real weight on a CV or application.

YHA Young Champions, YHA’s youth network, is made up of individuals aged 16-25 who make a big difference to YHA through a range of volunteering activities. Want to get involved with the group? Please email your story to [email protected] or call 01629 592 562.