Volunteer Awards

We love to recognise volunteers who have gone above and beyond and made an exceptional contribution to YHA’s work. Whether you have been a volunteer for a day or a lifetime, everyone who goes the extra mile is eligible for an award.

There are two award schemes open for volunteer nominations – Spirit Awards and Long Service Awards.

Anyone can nominate someone else for an award by using the form below. Please note you cannot nominate yourself!

Spirit Awards

YHA SPIRIT values are our ways of working as an organisation. They help us to ensure that our values are upheld across our work, and are visible to our customers in everything we do.

Award nominations can be made for volunteers under any of these categories and a winner will be selected quarterly by the awards panel.

Sustainability YHA Spirit Value


• We care for the environment
• We encourage young people to do the same
• We work for the long term good of YHA

Passion YHA Spirit Value


• We love what we do
• We take great pride in the opportunities we create
• We are all ambassadors for YHA

Innovation YHA Spirit Value


• We are always looking for new ways to create more opportunities
• We challenge the norm – looking for better ways of working
• We learn from everything we do and we share our learning

Responsibility YHA Spirit Value


• We are all responsible for making a positive impact on young people
• We are all responsible for achieving our Vision
• We are all responsible for giving our guests a great experience

Inclusivity YHA Spirit Value


• We make YHA as accessible as possible for everyone, especially young people
• We welcome all irrespective of their background, beliefs or culture
• We work as a team and respect and support each other

Trust YHA Spirit Value


• We will offer a safe and secure environment for all young people
• We are trusted to perform our individual roles within YHA and trust our colleagues
• We act with integrity

Long Service Awards – 25 years

Long Service Awards recognise the exceptional contribution made by individuals who have given 25 years’ service to YHA as a volunteer. To nominate someone for a Long Service Award please fill in the form below giving details of the volunteer’s various roles and contributions to YHA over the past 25 years.

Recipients of the Long Service Awards receive a special 25 years’ service pin badge and a certificate.

YHA Volunteer Award Nomination