Volunteering Expenses

Travel Expenses

YHA really appreciates the time and support given by our volunteers. To help make it possible for volunteers to support our charity, we can offer some assistance with travel expenses.

Volunteers (excluding student placements) can claim help back with travel expenses. This is done by completing a Travel Expense Form and including either travel receipts for public transport or petrol receipts. Forms need to be sent in by post to YHA Volunteering at YHA England & Wales, Trevelyan House, Dimple Road, Matlock, DE4 3YH

YHA put the money claimed for travel expenses straight in your bank account via BACS. We are unable to send a cheque, or pay travel costs in cash so it’s important that you have a bank account detailed on your form so we can use it to pay in to. If you are car sharing, then only one person on that journey can claim travel expenses. How much of your travel costs you can claim back depends on the number of consecutive days that you give time. We have detailed help costs in the table below, if you have any questions then please contact a member of the volunteering team for help.

  • Number of consecutive days you have volunteered
  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • Maximum help with travel expenses

  • £15.00
  • £30.00
  • £45.00
  • £60.00

Help with Food Costs

To help you out a little bit more, we also offer help with your food costs. If you are based at a Youth Hostel which serves food then while you are volunteering you can purchase selected meals from the menu at £2 per course. Where the hostel you are volunteering at has a self-catering kitchen, you can use these facilities (which includes fridges and cookers) to store and prepare your meals. If you are self-catering then you will need to supply and pay for your own food.