Volunteering Team Takes Over YHA Pwll Deri

Ros and Katie from the Volunteering Team took over the Volunteer Manager reins at YHA Pwll Deri for a week in May. Read about their adventure… we’re more than a little jealous of their view!

Day 1
Day one of Volunteer Managing Pwll Deri or, as we have nicknamed it, Puff Daddy. Amazing induction by Racheal – there was a tick list, folder with dividers, labelled shelves and everything! Last night went well, our “be with you by midnight” people turned up at 11pm so that was a bonus. Up early and having a brew on the bench (you know the one!) before we start on Operation Clean.

Day 2
Thanks to our fab VMs who shared their top tips of what to do at YHA Pwll Deri. We got a quick walk in to the lighthouse today, and saw two seals. Then back to base as we have a full house tonight. Beds made up so they have a lovely welcoming room waiting for them. Ros is threatening to show you my hospital corners tomorrow, so I shall be on my best behaviour.

Day 3
Puff Daddy Day Three! Last night was very special. We got everyone out on the terrace to watch the sunset together, then we went back in and lit the candles, which made it very cosy. Out last new guests arrived at 11pm. Up at 7am to say tarrah to our early leavers, four hours of cleaning and bed making later and we are looking forward to a couple of hours of free time, before we get back for check-ins. The days are long and the work will certainly be keeping us fit – but the people and place are worth it.

Day 4
We have a 360 photo tour being filmed at the hostel tomorrow – very exciting! We have been putting some finishing touches to make the hostel look its very best. Great opportunity for us to burn off the fudge we bought in St Davids today.

Katie is loving the magic wall eraser. It makes such a difference and quicker than a repaint. She is threatening to do the whole hostel, could be a long day…!

Day 5
The week is flying by! Said goodbye to two lovely couples today, looking forward to our next guests arriving. We had a quick walk this afternoon to the nearest beach – stunning setting. If you haven’t been to YHA Pwll Deri, then book – it’s a beauty.

Day 6
Matt captured the milky way at 2am here at Pwll Deri. He was with us for the day to take images for a virtual Pwll Deri tour, up soon on YHA website.

One of the great benefits of working for YHA is that each YHA employee has five internal volunteering days per year that can be used across our Youth Hostels in England and Wales.