YHA Has Been Taken Over!

YHA Has Been Taken Over!
Friday 21st November 2014 saw 27 students run YHA National Office for Take Over Day 2014.

The students came from Highfields School, Matlock’s local secondary school. Their task was to create YHA Day events for five of our most iconic hostels: YHA Boggle Hole, YHA Snowdon Pen-y-Pass, YHA Treyarnon, YHA St Briavels Castle and YHA York. Their challenge was to pitch these events to our YHA Dragons.

At first, the students looked a bit like rabbits in headlights. Thanks to our lovely Base 25 volunteers (Soumia and Mev) and our National Office volunteers (Jean, Jasmin and Toni), they quickly warmed up and got their ideas rolling! The helpers were just the right amount of caring and challenging, and pushed the teams to come up with the best pitches possible!

The students were incredibly hard working. They didn’t look up from the task for hours and some of them even had a working lunch (despite repeated asks to take a break!). The ideas they came up with were fabulous.

Team 1 represented YHA Boggle Hole, and created a mermaids vs pirates theme with the help of Toni.

Team 2 represented YHA Snowdon Pen-y-Pass and created ‘Snowzen’ (Snowdon meets Frozen) with the help of Jasmin.

Team 3 represented YHA Treyarnon and created a pasty-making and surfing event with the help of Soumia.

Team 4 represented YHA St Briavels Castle and created a medieval duel and banquet with the help of Jean.

Team 5 represented YHA York and created a time travelling event – Vikings versus Romans – with the help of Mev.

All of the teams did a fantastic job pitching their event to the Dragons. They made great presentations, they spoke clearly and, whilst some were clearly nervous, they all passed the test with flying colours.

The student’s feedback so far has been really positive:

“The students absolutely love Take Over Day at YHA, We’ve done it for four years and the students consistently tell us that it’s the best thing they’ve done in school. They get to assume an adult role and are taken seriously by YHA staff. It’s their chance to shine and it’s fantastic to see them all engaged on the day.” – Jim Grady, Head of Economics, Highfields School

“I think my team worked together brilliantly. They all totally engaged with the task and split the workload evenly and according to one another’s strengths. The final pitch was super awesome and all the team members gave 100%. They would definitely have raised all the funds if they had been on the real Dragons Den! Well done guys- you should be proud of yourselves!“ – Jasmin (Team 2 helper)

“The team I worked with were focussed from the start. Not only did they share ideas well and discuss in a pleasant way, they also approached the task in a mature manner. Even challenging aspects such as working out VAT were simplified by the fact that each member of the team was there to help each other. I definitely think this was evident in the way that they presented their impressive pitch. Well done!” – Soumia (Team 3 Helper)

“It was inspirational to watch how team York’s creativity came together. They worked so well together and really grew into a team with everyone contributing to the task and it was so fun to be their helper.” – Mev (Team 5 Helper)

Thank you very much to the Dragons, the helpers and the National Office staff who came to support the students and watch the pitches. Most of all, thank you to the wonderful students – See you next year!