YHA people values and behaviours

A community at heart, and the heart of our communities

YHA was born of the determination of a community of like-minded pioneers. A determination to improve the lives of young people and society. From this grew a movement.

Today, we share a common purpose: to improve the health, wellbeing and life chances of all, but especially young people facing adversity and challenges. To achieve this, our people subscribe to a set of core values and behaviours: HEART.


Helpfulness is about making life easier for other people, being hospitable and creating a pleasant working environment.


Being efficient means being organised, thoughtful in decision-making, hardworking and committed to improvement. As a charity, it’s our duty to make best use of our resources.



Being authentic combines the qualities of honesty, trustworthiness and transparency. It’s about being genuine and straightforward.


Respect is about valuing the time, energy, opinions, achievements and working styles of colleagues, volunteers and supporters. It’s about promoting equality and inclusivity.

Team spirited


YHA is one team. And for the health and success of the team, we take individual responsibility, show personal leadership qualities, and collaborate towards our goals.

Life at YHAYHA people values and behaviours